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Update on Bittrex delisting – TokenCard – Medium

To all TKN holders,

Spil you know, Bittrex have announced the delisting of TKN from their toneel effective 8th of December. Wij have bot working with their team around the clock to find a way to postpone this whilst wij gather the documentation they requested from US lawyers.

Spil of 3pm GMT, wij have not bot able to find a suitable solution with the Bittrex team. Wij don’t have any official confirmation from them, however wij believe it is likely the delisting will go ahead on the 8th of December.

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To help alleviate concerns and minimize any further influence to TKN holders, wij have detailed options available to you below:

1) Bittrex will still permit you to hold TKN on their toneelpodium, even if thesis cannot be traded. For further information, please consultatie Bittrex FAQs.

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Two) If you are still worried, you may wish to stir your TKN out of Bittrex and hold them ter a safe place. Wij have detailed how to do this te a step by step guide available here.

Trio) You will still be able to trade TKN until it is delisted on 8th December should you wish to sell any TKN you presently hold.

Four) Spil reminder, TKN will still be trading on other, less liquid, exchanges such spil Liqui, Livecoin, and Etherdelta.

Wij will proceed to work with Bittrex up until the very last possible uur to attempt to resolve the situation but felt it wasgoed significant to give TKN holders an update should wij not be successful. If the delisting goes ahead, wij will do everything te our power to get re-listed te the shortest possible timeframe.

Te parallel, wij have already kicked off the application process for other major exchanges to expand the range of options available to TKN holders and will keep you updated with the progress.

Wij know this has bot a stressfull time for all involved and wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused. There have certainly bot some lessons learnt from this challenge and wij will improve going forward.

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