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Spil someone who frequently trades with numerous BTC, I find it frustrating when I can’t withdraw large amounts of money ter a given time framework.

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I would like to make a disclaimer that this is finish speculation on Binance and I am not advising anyone to buy the currency or stir to the exchange. This is a compilation of research and terugkoppeling I have collected on the exchange and I am presenting it te an organized style spil there has bot an increase of rente te Binance recently.

The shift from Bittrex to Binance.

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Spil of December 14th, Bittrex has closed it’s registration process for fresh users due to breathtaking amounts of traffic. This has bot a major event, especially with the coming year of te which cryptocurrency trading has become a lotsbestemming more mainstream. There have bot thousands of fresh users who are wanting to participate ter the cryptocurrency market every day and be able to trade their BTC purchases for other coins. Presently with Bittrex registrations closed, a loterijlot of people are choosing to use Binance spil it is a very popular alternative to Bittrex. If Bittrex resumes to close its registrations for a while, Binance will proceed to predominate trading volume. Spil of January 4th, Binance has surpassed Bittrex ter trading volume with a total of $6,000,000,000+ compared to Bittrex with about $Trio,400,000,000. I know that personally a lotsbestemming of my friends who are recently getting into cryptocurrency are being led to Binance before learning about Bittrex, even more so now that Bittrex registration is closed.

Superior development team.

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Very recently Bittrex has shoved out a few updates to their exchange that have bot very minimal switches. There has bot a loterijlot of outrage due to the fact that Bittrex makes so much money with their high exchange fees yet provide minimal development work and fail to fix significant bugs or add significant features that users are requesting. On the other arm, Binance which used to be a very buggy and feature lacking exchange now has listened to user requests and added key features such spil zekering losses, patching user interface bugs, adding trading implements, etc. The rate at which patches and features come out is very attractive for fresh users. One of the big development thrusts that has made Binance so popular is the trading mobile app. There is a large niche for mobile apps te the cryptocurrency community and Binance is one of the few exchanges that have a stand-alone mobile app for trading. This makes it effortless for users to make buys and sells while they are on the go, one of the major reasons that people choose to use exchanges such spil Binance overheen Bittrex, HitBTC, etc. A key to the success of a major exchange is communication and interaction with the community, te my eyes, Binance has a superb relationship with users and listens to the terugkoppeling they receive making it a excellent candidate to invest te. Spil well spil that, the technical support on Binance has bot able to mitigate massive amounts of traffic almost flawlessly with minimal downtime compared to the horrific lig that has caused zekering losses to not succesnummer and loterijlot’s of crashing on Bittrex recently.

Close communications and strong support team.

A loterijlot of people have bot complaining recently of the lacking ter support members on the Bittrex team. There have bot many horror stories on Reddit of people getting locked out of accounts, of the support team taking weeks or months to react, etc. This ter my eyes is very unacceptable for an exchange that is one of the most popular choices for exchanging altcoins. There are a loterijlot of problems with ID verification and their manual review system, some people waiting weeks to get approved or even reviewed. Binance, on the other palm, has bot very swift, even with the massive increase ter registrations that it has experienced this past month. I have personally submitted numerous tickets with Binance and have received responses ter under 24 hours, compared to Bittrex which I have sometimes had to wait for up to Two weeks. This alone is the reason that I hold most of my trading currencies on Binance.

Binance saves you money and the currency can be used.

What I love about Binance is the fact that the withdrawal limitations are very lenient. Spil someone who frequently trades with numerous BTC, I find it frustrating when I can’t withdraw large amounts of money te a given time framework. This, however, is not a problem with Binance. Spil well, fees are 50% cheaper on trades if you use the Binance currency (BNB) to pay the toverfee spil compared to BTC. This provides an incentive for a lotsbestemming of users to purchase the exchange’s currency and even trade with BNB spil opposed to BTC. Spil wij can see by the latest increase te traffic to Binance, the value of BNB has gone up more than 500% the last half of a month. Spil more people start moving to Binance, I believe the value of BNB will proceed enlargening exponentially.

Technical analysis side of BNB.

Albeit BNB is very high right now, I think it can be one of the most profitable coins to long-term investments te . This could be the year that Binance takes overheen the cryptocurrency exchange market and I have fully supported them since I joined ter May. Spil more improvements come and thousands of people join the trading market, there should be exponential gains and potentially very high market cap rankings for BNB. Right now BNB is te a bullish pennant forming from the flagpole on December 14th (5x pump) with the pennant itself forming overheen the past few weeks with consolidation forming around January 8th, . Bollinger bands are getting very taut on the 4H and 1D charts, spil well spil the fact that the MACD is about to have a bullish crossover on the 4H, indicating some large movement. Personally, I am very bullish on BNB and I think it can have major gains. I am personally buying inbetween 0.5-1.0 BTC worth of BNB when it falls near support inbetween 55,000-57,000 sats.

Spil of right now, BNB is 60,000 sats with a USD value of $8.91. I think that BNB is enormously undervalued for the potential that this coin and exchange itself has. By the end of , I am expecting BNB to be worth more than 10x the current price with my prediction laying inbetween a value of $150-300 te the 4th quarter of .

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  1. mspindel on said:

    Cryptopia is a good exchange and I am trading on this mostly I trade ETN on crypto spil it wasgoed not on other exchanges fees are also less and I love trading on Cryptopia.

  2. honeybear_sdo on said:

    Cryptopia has stolen a loterijlot of money from random users and now they are continuously delisting coins that you cannot withdraw for one reason or another. They are a bunch of scammers that execute it leisurely which ter the end finishes up being even more profitable. Attempting to get far away spil soon spil I can.

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