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A bit, also known spil a Shannon, is the basic unit of information ter computing and digital communications. A bit can have only one of two values, and may therefore be physically implemented with a two-state device. Thesis values are most commonly represented spil either a 0 or 1 . The term bit is a portmanteau of binary digit.

The two values can also be interpreted spil logical values (true/false, yes/no), algebraic signs (+/ − ), activation states (on/off), or any other two-valued attribute. The correspondence inbetween thesis values and the physical states of the underlying storage or device is a matter of convention, and different assignments may be used even within the same device or program. The length of a binary number may be referred to spil its bit-length.

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Ter information theory, one bit is typically defined spil the uncertainty of a binary random variable that is 0 or 1 with equal probability, or the information that is gained when the value of such a variable becomes known.

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A coin is a chunk of hard material used primarily spil a medium of exchange or reglamentario tender. They are standardized te weight, and produced ter large quantities at a mint ter order to facilitate trade. They are most often issued by a government.

Coins are usually metal or alloy, or sometimes made of synthetic materials. They are usually disc shaped. Coins made of valuable metal are stored ter large quantities spil bullion coins. Other coins are used spil money ter everyday transactions, circulating alongside banknotes. Usually the highest value coin ter circulation (i.e. excluding bullion coins) is worth less than the lowest-value note. Te the last hundred years, the face value of circulation coins has sometimes bot lower than the value of the metal they contain, for example due to inflation. If the difference becomes significant, the issuing authority may determine to withdraw thesis coins from circulation, or the public may determine to melt the coins down or hoard them (see Gresham’s law).

Exceptions to the rule of face value being higher than content value also occur for some bullion coins made of silver or gold (and, uncommonly, other metals, such spil platinum or palladium), intended for collectors or investors te precious metals. Examples of modern gold collector/investor coins include the British sovereign minted by the United Kingdom, the American Gold Eagle minted by the United States, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf minted by Canada, and the Krugerrand, minted by South Africa. While the Eagle, Maple Leaf, and Sovereign coins have nominativo (purely symbolic) face values, the Krugerrand does not.

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