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Frequently Asked Questions on BearTax

FAQs from our customers and informational titbits from our team.

Wij are BearTax, a software which enables Individuals, CPAs, and Accounting firms to calculate the show of their crypto investments for a given tax year for tax reporting purposes. Wij are incorporated ter Georgia, USA and you can reach us on or via the talk opbergruimte on the bottom right corner.

Disclaimer: Wij are not a financial advisor or a certified tax professional. Please consider our toneel spil a implement helping you to calculate, but you need to report thesis numbers to your CPA or tax preparer and opstopping accordingly.

Providing your email will help us te communicating with you securely. Also, to send out activation email, notify when certain events are done like importing transactions, calculation of build up/loss gegevens and when tax forms are ready to download.

You’ll receive activation email spil soon spil you signup. Please check you Updates or Promotions tabulator on Gmail if not ter primary inbox. If you couldn’t find anywhere te the inbox, please check spam mail. If you don’t get an email – it could be an official email and your email provider or company firewall vereiste be blocking it – te such case, voeling us using the talk opbergruimte on the bottom right corner and wij’ll help you.

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BearTax is integrated with numerous exchanges like Coinbase, GDAX, Poloniex, Gemini. Wij are working on integrating more exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia and more. If you signup for the verhoging, wij’ll keep you updated spil soon spil fresh exchanges are added to our toneel.

Wij would recommend connecting API instead of CSV upload. This is because you can invoer your deposits, transactions, and withdrawals te one go for most of the exchanges, without having to upload numerous CSV files. However, exchanges like Gemini doesn’t have an API connection, where you need to upload transactions from a CSV verkeersopstopping

Spil mentioned above, to stand by our recommendations – wij’ve enabled only API or oAuth connection for those which are available. Wij support CSV upload only if the certain exchange doesn’t have API integration to maintain security and accuracy

Security is our highest priority. Our architecture prevents any front-end access to gegevens without decent credentials and all of our communications occur through a secure HTTP channel. Always look out for https:// te the URL and lock icon with words SECURE beside the URL.

If you read the API access documentation from various providers. API is meant for a third party application to interact with your exchange. Since you are granting only READ ACCESS, there’s no way wij or anyone else can modify anything on your exchange account.

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Wij will never store your API keys and use it only for establishing a one-time connection to fetch transactions history from exchange and poof! You need to feed us again if you want to invoer next time.

With Coinbase oAuth or API keys, you are granting our verhoging only a READ ACCESS. Above that, wij are not storing your access token or API keys anywhere. So, even if a third party gains access to our servers or hacks our toneelpodium, there’s no chance of reaching your exchange accounts.

It’s FREE to invoer transactions, calculate build up/loss and view the summary of your gainloss. Wij charge only for downloading detailed CSV for tax reporting or caudal gains (8949) document.

Our pricing is plain and very competitive. It goes by the number of transactions you’ve and starts from spil low spil $0.99. Read more on pricing

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Tax form, which is a renta gains document or 8949 document opens ter a popup. If you have an ad-blocker active on beartax or popups disabled for, then your tax form won’t open or download. Wij would request you to disable popup blocker or AdBlock paused on our webstek.

Go ahead & Attempt BearTax

Leave aside your rekenmachine, excel sheets and let the Big Bear take care of it.

3 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions on BearTax
  1. lizash26 on said:

    Not sure what all of the negative messages I’ve bot observing on this thread are about, for such a petite team the webstek does quiebro a good job of responding to queries, and certainly doesn’t have the negative rep associated with it like other sites do.

  2. heathslady on said:

    Yes the bittrex is good since then the graphics are beautiful and it’s just quick to get it right here because you’ll know it’s down and the rise of the picture so it’s effortless to learn new-comer here so I think it’s just a petite kwestie ter this because you need to verify an account so you can withdraw trading.

  3. Philly77 on said:

    I have exchanged with them and had no issues. The webstek hardly freezes and if you have an punt tech support is quick.

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